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Episode 6 – Cultural Cleaning: At the Design Museum with Julius Rutherfoord

11TH APRIL 2017 - DURATION 7:10

The last episode in this series of EC Television is here and we take a trip to the Design Museum in London, where Julius Rutherfoord manage a 365-day service across a full range of their facilities management offerings.

This week in the news we take a look at the recent purchase of Diversey Care, the cleaning product killing children and the technology protecting toilets.

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Episode Transcript

In Studio

Cat King - Presenter

Welcome to EC Television. The only show for the professional cleaning industry.

In this, our final episode of the series we take a trip to the design museum in London to see how Julius Rutherfoord maintains the new landmark home of contemporary design. And later we’ll have all the latest news and updates from across the industry


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Julius Rutherfoord at the Design Museum, London

Michelle Marshall – Editor, European Cleaning Journal

I’m in London today at the world famous Design Museum.

The €95 million building was masterminded by some  of the world’s leading architects. Julius Rutherfoord is the cleaning contractor on the site and I’m here today to find out about the particular challenges of cleaning in a museum.


Brian Reeves – Head of Facilities, The Design Museum

The aim of the museum is to raise awareness of design, the importance of design, design in your life, in the workplace but also to educate.

We ran  a tender which Julius Rutherfoord were part of and it was a balanced approach between cost, experience and knowledge.


Chris Parkes – Operations Director, Julius Rutherfoord

The Design Museum is a very dynamic environment. It’s open every single day of the year. So it’s about understanding the cleaning regimes to support the clients, which is the staff at The Design Museum but also the end client, which is the visiting public.

Being what The Design Museum is allows Julius Rutherfoord to showcase, not just providing single services, but an integrated soft FM service.


Brian Reeves – Head of Facilities, The Design Museum

It’s all about working in partnership. Whatever we ask of the guys at Julius Rutherfoord they are more than happy to provide or change their approach.


Chris Parkes – Operations Director, Julius Rutherfoord

It is no longer a supplier – customer relationship but it is a genuine one of true partnership.


Brian Reeves – Head of Facilities, The Design Museum

And one of the things we did is we chose certain materials that you wouldn’t ordinarily choose in a public space. These are materials, that typically, if you were building a commercial building where you had your eye on the bottom line, you wouldn’t choose.


Chris Parkes – Operations Director, Julius Rutherfoord

So for example, Terrazzo flooring: most places it will be sealed and it will have gleam to it and it will be standard. The Design Museum isn’t standard. Architecturally it’s very important and being The Design Museum every part of this building has an impact on design and a reason for being the way it is.


Brian Reeves – Head of Facilities, The Design Museum

We were looking to demonstrate excellence. And its not just design in products but in architecture. So we’ve gone for products that typically in a commercial environment you wouldn’t choose but just because it’s a tough choice doesn’t mean we were going to shy away from it.


Chris Parkes – Operations Director, Julius Rutherfoord 

And it’s understanding the cultural importance of what the museum is trying to achieve but also working with the designers and understanding the world that they operate in and providing the services that allows that to be promoted.


Michelle Marshall – Editor, European Cleaning Journal

Providing such a breadth of facilities services in such a high profile venue will always prevent a unique set of challenges. It has been fascinating to see how Julius Rutherfoord is meeting those challenges in what is clearly a landmark contract for the company.

That’s all from me for this series. Back to Cat in the studio for one final time.




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In Studio

Cat King – Presenter

Welcome back to EC Television. Now let’s take a look at the news making the headlines in the industry this week.


The News

Hand sanitiser poisons children

Firstly, poison helplines receive thousands of calls each year relating to children’s adverse reactions to hand sanitiser. That’s according to the Centre for Disease Control in the US.

Products containing alcohol are the subject of most complaints with reports of eye problems and sanitiser ingestion cited among the most common issues. Around 8,000 calls concerning children under 12 were logged between 2011 and 2014.


Sealed Air sells Diversey Care

In a previous episode we reported that Diversey Care, one of the industry’s largest providers of cleaning technologies was rumoured to be in talks for a sale to Henkel. We can now confirm that SealedAir have sold Diversey care but to Bain Capital Private Equity in a deal worth $3.2 billion.

Ken Hanau, a managing director at Bain Capital Private Equity, said: “We are excited to partner with the talented team at Diversey to grow across key market verticals and geographies while investing in innovative hygiene solutions.”


Beijing park targets toilet roll thieves

And lastly a park in Beijing has installed toilet paper dispensers with facial recognition to stop users taking too much tissue.

Machines at the Temple of Heaven park scan visitors’ faces before dispensing a fixed length strip of paper. Apparently the tourist attraction is frequented by visitors who take large amounts of toilet roll home with them!


In Studio

Well that’s all for this episode and this series of EC Television. We hope you enjoyed the show and we look forward to returning with more news, analysis and features. Please do get in touch though social media and let us know what you'd like to see more of in future episodes.

Thanks for watching. Goodbye.

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