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Episode 5 - Trauma clean-up with Rentokil and live from The Cleaning Show

28TH MARCH 2017 - DURATION 7:15

We left the studio this week to take a trip to The Cleaning Show in London. We go searching for some of the most exciting innovations the show has to offer and hear from Rubbermaid, Nilfisk and others along the way.

Our reporter Michelle Marshall finds herself in grizzly surroundings as she explores the training centre for Rentokil Specialist Hygiene’s trauma cleaning service.

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This episode features: 
- Luke Rutterford – Rentokil Specialist Hygiene (

-       Kevin Andrews – Numatic International (

-       Paul Kelly – Rubbermaid Commercial Products (

-       Nilfisk – Matt Fussy (

-       Gordon McVean – Truvox International (

-       Imre Killi – Killis (

Episode Transcript

The Cleaning Show

Cat King – Presenter

Hello and welcome to EC Television. This week we’ve left the studio and are filming here live at The Cleaning Show in London.

We’ll be taking a fascinating look at the world of trauma cleaning in a minute and later  we’ll be showing you the highlights from the show.



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The Cleaning Show

Cat King – Presenter 

TV shows about the police often show unpleasant scenes of murders, crimes and accidents but what they don’t show is the clean-up operation of these traumatic events. We sent Michelle Marshall to find out more.


Trauma Clean-up with Rentokil

Michelle Marshall – Editor, European Cleaning Journal

Today we’re in the English countryside with Rentokil Specialist Hygiene to take a look at the training centre for their Trauma Cleaning Service.

Although the scenes you will see today are staged, we should point out, that some viewers may find some of the content distressing.


Luke Rutterford – Technical Manager, Rentokil Specialist Hygiene

Restore 24 is a service that allows us to reset the clock for people who have had traumatic scenes. So that may be anything from a suicide within a property or it might be a flooding or something like that.

Basically we will come out and we will restore their life to how it was 24 hours before.

These are specialist cleaners and they are exposed to some really dark areas. As an example we had a technician yesterday who was working in a stairwell where there was somebody that had been burnt to death. We had to go and clean that up.

So we’re here to have a look at the training centre today and this is something we like all the new technicians to go through firstly to go over the operations on how they clean a suicide and trauma scene up but also to get a bit of that visual impact.


Ok. So what we have here is a scene much like a suicide scene that our technicians would encounter in real life. Considerations for our technicians in here in terms of how they clean it up is not only the visible cleaning that we’re doing but also areas where that blood may have seeped, such as underneath the floorboards, underneath coving or underneath the bath board.

So once we have cleaned up this area, we will be using disinfection wipes, taking that away in controlled disposal and then we’ll do an ultra low volume fogging disinfection to make sure that the site is fully safe. So it’s not only clean but it’s pathogenically clean.


This is a mock-up of a murder scene. This is the sort of thing we would come to straight after the police have been to site. They’ve removed the body and we’re the next people in here.

So all of this bedding is soaked, drenched in blood so this will have controlled disposal. Things like the headboard, we’re not just going to clean that. That’s going to be disinfected and then removed.

Additional considerations for us working in a murder scene environment is the potential for us to come across bits of evidence. So we work very closely with the police in that respect. And make sure that not only do we return the site into a clean and safe environment but that we make sure we’ve scanned it all for any potential evidence that may have been missed.


Michelle Marshall – Editor, European Cleaning Journal

Thank you to the team here at Rentokil Specialist Hygiene for what’s been a rather eye opening opportunity to see a more unusual aspect of the cleaning sector.


The Cleaning Show

Cat King – Presenter

Well we’re off to tour the show now to see what exciting innovations, products and news we can find. See you after the break.



European Cleaning & Hygiene Awards 2017 in Rome


The Cleaning Show

Cat King – Presenter

Welcome back to Ec Television at The Cleaning Show


Kevin Andrews – Floorcare Manager, Numatic International

This is the Henry Scrubber/Dryer. It’s an all-in-one product. It’s a gel based, battery product. Completely self-contained, no fumes, no fuss, no smell.


Paul Kelly – Commercial Director, Rubbermaid Commercial Products

What we’re talking about at the show is our Lumecell technology. Lumecell technology is powered by light. So it has two powercells so you never have to buy batteries, you never have to change batteries. It will work continuously.


Matt Fussy – Global Product Manager, Nilfisk

We’re here to showcase the Liberty A50. It’s our next generation of floorcare product. It’s an autonomous scrubber. It’s very simple, easy to use, it’s very very safe, can navigate easily around obstacles. We’re getting a lot of people really interested. They’re really excited about the technology and what benefits it’s going to bring to their customers.


Gordon McVean – Sales & Marketing Director, Truvox International

We’ve launched three new products at the show this year. We’re really excited. We actually won an award for our battery operated vacuum cleaner, which we’re delighted about. We’ve got our new rotary machine, which is our core competency in our business. This machine is called the Orbis eco. It’s the stripped down version of our standard machine. So it hits the price points of the market so we’re really excited about it.


Imre Killi – Managine Director, Killis

Our company is Killis from Sheffield and we’re a UK based manufacturer and we’re really bringing innovation to the market and new, high quality products. We’ve been manufacturing the Motorscrubber machine, which is a portable, battery operated cleaning machine for about ten years now. But then we’ve developed the range and come up with lots of new concepts.


Kevin Andrews – Floorcare Manager, Numatic International

The UK Cleaning Show is always a great place to be.


Paul Kelly – Commercial Director, Rubbermaid Commercial Products

It’s a great show, meeting lots of great people and selling lots of great products.


Imre Killi – Managine Director, Killis

The show has been very successful for us so far. We’ve been very very busy.


Gordon McVean – Sales & Marketing Director, Truvox International

It’s been excellent. We’ve really enjoyed it.


Cat King – Presenter

Well that’s all we have time for today at The Cleaning Show but please visit and let us know your thoughts through social media.

Join us next week fo the final episode of the series where we’ll be at the Design Museum in London and obviously bringing you all the very latest from the industry. Goodbye.


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