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Episode 4 - Cleaning up the NHS: Saving lives with G4S

14TH MARCH 2017 - DURATION 6:32

In this episode we join G4S and explore the importance of facilities management services in the healthcare industry and also find out about reactors, robots and trains.

In our feature Michelle Marshall goes to hospital to find out how G4S saves lives though cleaning and effective resource management on a daily basis.  

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This episode features: 
Mark Tower, Contract Manager (Healthcare) – G4S

Katie Sparrow, FM Duty Manager – G4S

Iain Rolston, Facilities – East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust

Also, starring Cat King and our reporter Michelle Marshall, the Editor of European Cleaning Journal -

Episode Transcript


Welcome to EC Television. The only show for the professional cleaning industry.

Today we take a look at how G4S tackles facility management in one of the most demanding environments.

But before that, let’s take a look at what’s going on in the world of cleaning.



Cleaning firm rebuilding lives

Firstly, Celebrating 25 years in business is a London-based cleaning company originally established to offer people using mental health services the opportunity to get back into the world of work.

Clean & Care was set up by a day centre manager at Tooting Bec Hospital and is now competing with other cleaning businesses for major contracts in the local area.


Reactor kills robot

A cleaning robot has been “killed” by high radiation levels after being deployed to clean out a nuclear reactor.

The robot, which was equipped with a high-pressure water nozzle, was sent into the Fukushima plant in Japan to scrape away melted uranium fuel and other debris from inside the nuclear reactor.

However, within the space of two hours the machine’s cameras went dark due to extremely high radiation levels and the robot had to be pulled out of the operation.


Mumbai teens revolutionise train cleaning

And lastly, a group of eight teenagers in Mumbai has developed a vacuum cleaning system for train coaches, which has attracted the attention of top government officials.

Passengers will deposit their rubbish into a bay using a foot pedal. The rubbish will then be sucked in by the vacuum system and collected in waste chambers under the coach.



After the ads, Michelle Marshall finds out how G4S handles facility management at a major hospital. See you soon.



European Cleaning & Hygiene Awards 2017

Mulberry Marketing Communications



Facility management is always a challenging task but in a large hospital it becomes even more demanding. We sent Michelle Marshals to talk with G4S to find out how they do it.



Michelle Marshall – Editor, Euopean Cleaning Journal

Today EC Television is at the Lister Hospital in the south of England. In any healthcare setting the standards of cleaning and hygiene are absolutely crucial. Taking care of those services here is G4S: A leading provider of facilities services.


Mark Tower – Contract Manager, G4S

We have 720 beds here with approximately 220 staff. It’s a 24 hour operation. It’s a fast pace environment. It’s very busy.

We complete approximately 160 audits a month as well. So we are very keen on  making sure that we provide an environment that’s clean.


Katie Sparrow – Duty Manager, G4S

FM (Facilities Management) is never nine-to-five it’s 24/7. Especially in healthcare. It’s a specialised type of work. Not anybody can just step in and do it.

There’s so many skills that you hold to be a domestic in a hospital. Your confidence, your personality and your professionalism in the way that you conduct yourself is so important. You can’t simply just be good at cleaning and have a bit of OCD. You have to an all-rounder, you have to be able to adapt.

You know, when you’re talking to a patient directly, you really want to make sure that you give them the best experience you can. Ultimately, that’s what we’re all here for. We’re all here for the same thing and that’s the patients.


Iain Rolston – Facilities, East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust

One of the strengths of G4S has always been their hard work and responsiveness when there are issues. We’ve had CQC (Care Quality Commission) here in the past and G4s were very actively involved in supporting us in getting, what I’m pleased to say, from a facilities point of view, was a good report.


Mark Tower – Contract Manager, G4S

We work very closely with the infection control team here at the Lister Hospital.

It is very much of a two way dialogue with all the team that are involved. We are all here to achieve or to look at aiming to have a very clean environment that we work in. And we do that to support the nurses, obviously, and the sisters within the hospital and ultimately the patients.


Michelle Marshall – Editor, Euopean Cleaning Journal

Today we’ve seen first hand just how vital it is to have an efficient and well-trained cleaning team in every hospital.

What’s really struck me today is that every single operative, every single domestic is absolutely key in making that happen.

So that’s all from me today here in Stevenage.



On the 15th of March we will be presenting an episode of EC Television from the floor of the Cleaning show at the ExCel in London. Talking to industry leaders and taking a look at the latest development in the sector.

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