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Episode 3 - Everything evolves: Industry 4.0


In this episode, we round up the latest news from the cleaning industry, the reasons why people should stop using soap, as well as an amazing story about a cleaner earning over €200k a year!

We also discuss in detail, the revolution that is Industry 4.0 with Markus Asch, Deputy CEO of Kärcher. In an exclusive interview, Michelle gets the chance to find out his predictions for Industry 4.0’s impact on the cleaning sector and how Kärcher are adapting their business model to lead the way in this industry, in its new form.

What are your predictions? How do you think Industry 4.0 will impact the cleaning industry?

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This episode features:
- Markus Asch – Deputy CEO of Kärcher -

Also starring Cat King and our reporter Michelle Marshall, the Editor of European Cleaning Journal -

Episode Transcript


Welcome to EC Television. The only show for the professional cleaning industry.

We’ll be talking to deputy CEO of Kärcher Markus Asch, but first Lets start by taking a look at the latest news. 



Henkel buying Diversey Care?

Firstly, German consumer giant Henkel is said to be in talks to buy Sealed Air's professional cleaning division Diversey Care for a price likely to exceed $3 billion.

Sealed Air announced in October it planned to spin off the Diversey Care unit, as well as its food hygiene and cleaning businesses.


Swap soap for liquid handwash

People should stop using bars of soap and switch to liquid soap in the war against superbugs. That’s according to advice from The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence in the UK.

N.I.C.E claims that liquid soap and tepid running water are the key to good hand hygiene. Deputy chief executive Professor Gillian Leng said there are growing calls for an increased focus on hand hygiene in the light of antibiotic resistance.


Save the Cow campaign highlights litter

Two community organisations in Belgium are joining forces with litter clearance products specialist The Helping Hand Company to raise awareness of the growing litter problem across the country.

The Save the Cow project is designed to draw the public’s attention to the problem of roadside litter ending up in the food chain of livestock. Many animals die as a result.


World’s best paid cleaner?

And lastly, In San Francisco, a cleaner is reputed to be earning a €223,000 salary by working every day of the year.

Liang Zhao Zhang, who works for regional rail network Bay Area Rapid Transport (BART), may be the best paid cleaner in the world. Time records show he worked every single day in 2015 including weekends. He also worked overtime on most days.



After the ads, Michelle Marshall is in conversation with Kärchers Markus Asch about big changes coming in the sector.




The Cleaning Show 2017


Welcome back

‘Big data’ and the ‘Internet of things’ are buzz words heard throughout the industry but the truth is that they are part of a larger shift towards industry 4.0. We sent Michelle Marshall to investigate.


Industry 4.0

Michelle Marshall - Editor, European Cleaning Journal

Today we are in Germany at the headquarters of Kärcher to talk to its deputy CEO Markus Asch about industry 4.0 and the internet of things.


Markus Asch  - Deputy CEO Kärcher

Industrial stage number one is moving from human or animal labour to machines. Industry 2.0 is applying division of labour, applying basic structure of mass production. Indudusty 3.0 is automation. That means applying electrics, electronics. and then industry 4.0 is applying those technologies but connecting them intelligently. Connected cleaning is my understanding has the potential of totally changing the cleaning industry. It’s the first time that the total process is being looked at, visualised and then optimised.


Michelle Marshall - Editor, European Cleaning Journal

What does industry 4.0 mean for business in general ?


Markus Asch  - Deputy CEO Kärcher

machines are connected, they produce data those data leads to knowledge that today is not available and that knowledge leads to totally different way of looking at processes that means optimising processes but it also leads to totally new business models.


Michelle Marshall - Editor, European Cleaning Journal

So what are the key opportunities for cleaning service providers?


Markus Asch  - Deputy CEO Kärcher

The first and very obvious benefit is that they will get transparency on their own business that today they don't have. on the machine, how they are being used, thats one side. Second side it puts transparency on their own responsibility that  means on their cleaning process, it helps them to find ways and therefore optimise their total work. And thirdly it puts them on a totally different level towards their customers. They can act like a partner helping consulting the customer what is required  to do the job best.


Michelle Marshall - Editor, European Cleaning Journal

What are the main challenges to over come going forward for the cleaning sector?


Markus Asch  - Deputy CEO Kärcher

First of all from a manufacturer point of view we have to develop connected machines devices, secondly, you then have to put all people or all necessary process members together. It doesn't help if just all people and machines are connected, the building the utensils, the dispensers are not connected. And then what is equally as important you have to change your mind set  of people. So the true benefit will only see if you open up those barriers if you look at the total process. With clear involvement clear interfacing but also clear specification or at least expectation management what do i expect from the other side.


Michelle Marshall - Editor, European Cleaning Journal

Thank you to everyone at Kärcher, especially Markus Asch for sharing with us his unique perspective on the future of the industry



The evolution of the industry is dependant on innovation, and on March the 15th we will be at the Cleaning show in London to see the very latest creations on offer.  Please join us and say hello for the chance to be part of a special episode of EC Television.  

But before that we will be looking at how G4S handles facility management in one of the most demanding environments and of course we will be bringing you the latest news.

See you then, Goodbye. 


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