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Episode 2 - The future of the industry: Robot wars


This week, EC Television investigates the latest technology to hit the cleaning industry, covering virtual reality, smart recruitment of refugees and floor cleaning robots.

In our exploration of robotics, we hosted ROBO 2 from Industrial Cleaning Equipment (ICE)and the SWINGOBOT 1650 from Sealed Air Diversey Care, to put them through their paces and find out more from the innovative companies behind them. Which one would you like to see cleaning floors near you? 

This episode features:

- Tom Richards – Sales & Account Manager – ICE

- Paul Martorano – Application Specialist – Sealed Air Diversey Care

- The London Aquarium


- ISS 

Also starring Cat King and our reporter Michelle Marshall, the Editor of European Cleaning Journal -


Episode Transcript

Coming up in today’s show

Coming up in today’s show we take a look at how autonomous robots are changing the world of cleaning.



Hello and welcome to EC Television, The only show for the professional cleaning industry.

We’re going to start today’s show by taking a look into the cleaning news thats been making the headlines this week.



Deep clean for aquarium

Firstly, the team at Sea Life London Aquarium has been carrying out its annual deep clean. All of the tanks have been spruced up to make sure they’re sparkling and ready for some new additions arriving later this year.

At the same time there was a fish count to accurately determine just how many sea creatures live at one of the English capital’s largest attractions.


Integrating refugees

In the Netherlands, facilities services provider ISS has partnered with the Refugee Talent Hub to support and accelerate the integration and employment of refugees there.

The Hub centres on an application where a smart algorithm matches refugees with employers, such as ISS, which provide professional opportunities, training, and support.


The virtual reality of cleaning

Gom, the Dutch cleaning division of Facilicom, is now using virtual reality to train its employees. It says VR is a valuable addition to its practical training programmes. 

A company spokesman told EC Television: “Staff can retrieve photos and information via any device, and of course using virtual reality is a lot of fun!”


Coloured sheets for better hygiene

Finally, Hospitals in the northern Indian city of Gurgaon are replacing their white bed linen with rainbow-coloured alternatives – in a bid to improve cleanliness and hygiene.

All beds will have sheets in the same colour on each day of the week and each sheet will have a day imprinted on it. This will ensure they will not be re-used and will be washed when necessary.



We’ll be back shortly, to explore autonomous cleaning and talk to industry innovators about the future of robots in the industry. See you soon.






Welcome back to EC Television. With robotics becoming one of the hottest topics in the industry we sent Michelle Marshall to find out more.


The future of robots in the industry


Michelle Marshall - Editor, European Cleaning Journal

Robotics used to be the stuff of science fiction and we all know now how robotics has already proved its worth in so many industries.

In professional cleaning however, they are a relatively recent phenomenon.

We decided to invite two of the manufacturers, who have already launched machines on to the market here today, to talk about autonomous cleaning, to discuss their latest innovations and of course to put their robots to the test.


Tom Richards – Sales & Account Manager, I.C.E

My name is Tom Richards. I’m a sales and account manager for Industrial Cleaning Equipment.

• The Robo2 has a runtime of up to 6 hours, with an optional battery set.

• The scrub width is 27 inches.

• The machine will clean 900m2 an hour


Paul Martorano – Application Specialist, Sealed Air Diversey Care

I’m Paul Matorano. I’m a field based application specialist for Diversey Care.

• The swingobot 1650 has a cleaning width of 75cm

• A tank size of 56 litres

• We also have a battery autonomy of up to 6 hours using our quick exchange cart.


Tom Richards – Sales & Account Manager, I.C.E

The new machine, with the technology, we’re able to map areas like you can see today in under 10 minutes. The Robo2 will go a lot closer than any operative would dare to go to a wall, negating against any damage or neglect on the machine because it doesn’t hit anything.


Paul Martorano – Application Specialist, Sealed Air Diversey Care


The operator could have a map that finishes autonomously at a certain point. They can then take over, manually clean. They can then go on and put it on to an automated program on the other side. So we can actually make the operator work in unison with the automated part of the machine as well.


Tom Richards – Sales & Account Manager, I.C.E


The initial thing is actually trying to get the cleaners on board. The product is there ultimately to enhance their performance. So I think once you do that and you get the engagement from the operative on your side, it’s all about the training and how you show them how to use the product.


Paul Martorano – Application Specialist, Sealed Air Diversey Care


The first thing we have to do with the cleaning operatives is let them know we are not there to take their jobs. So what we want to do is re-purposing labour within the environment so they can actually do more detailed work and do things that only a human can do.


Tom Richards – Sales & Account Manager, I.C.E


The key safety challenges we’ve come across are things like human traffic, movable objects, staircases and things like that. With the technology and the  sensors and the drop sensors on the machine now, we’ve been able to negate the majority of those.


Paul Martorano – Application Specialist, Sealed Air Diversey Care


The biggest problem we have on sites is actually people not being 100% sure on how to act around the machine. What we do find on site, after about 30 seconds of familiarity it’s forgotten about and it just becomes part of the cleaning team.


Michelle Marshall - Editor, European Cleaning Journal


It’s clear that the technology on these machines is continuously evolving and that will make them ever more attractive to the professional cleaning market. It will be fascinating to see how they evolve and integrate.



Robotics in the cleaning industry are certainly developing fast. But what do you think? Are robots the future of cleaning? Click the vote now button on the screen to let us know your thoughts. 


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Coming up next time: We talk to the deputy CEO of Kärcher about industry 4.0


See you next time. Goodbye.


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