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Pilot Episode - What's coming for the Industry in 2017?


We round up the latest cleaning industry news and interview market leaders to discover what to look out for in 2017. Featuring Dr. Ilham Kadri President Sealed Air Diversey Care, Luc Bresseleers CEO BOMA NV, Joaquim Borras Ferre President ISS Spain and Michelle Marshall Editor of ECJ.

Episode Transcript


Hello and welcome to EC Television the first regular online show for the professional cleaning sector. 

Later on in today’s show we’re taking a trip to the European Cleaning & Hygiene Awards in Barcelona to speak to some of the leaders in the industry but first… here is what is happening in the cleaning world.



We start with a heart warming story…

Cleaners communicate with patients

Cleaners at a hospital in Glasgow are being trained in the use of body language, gestures, facial expressions and signing to enable them to communicate more effectively with vulnerable patients.


ISS wins Heineken contract

One of the largest beer breweries in the world, Heineken, has selected ISS Facility Services in the Netherlands to deliver 27 different services at four sites – starting in January 2017.


App finds unoccupied toilets

A Finnish company has created an app that lets office workers know which toilets are free and which are occupied – without them having to leave their desks.

Employees at digital innovation consultancy, Futurice, in Helsinki created the app after they became frustrated the gents’ toilets which were often occupied. The system uses small wireless sensors broadcasting radio signals, which are attached to objects and surfaces.


Loo with a view

Sticking for a moment with washrooms, a city in China’s southern Hanan province is hoping to encourage tourists to visit it with the opening of transparent public toilets.


Chicago date for cleaning professionals

And finally cleaning professionals from across the world are gathering in Chicago for the ISSA/Interclean North America 2016 exhibition. 

Over 16,000 visitors are expected at the event, which also features a comprehensive seminar and workshop programme. Keynote speakers this year include Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. 



Please join us after the ads where we’ll be taking a look at what’s to come for the sector in 2017.




Sealed Air Diversey Care



Welcome back. Now in this industry you need to be one step ahead. So we sent Michelle Marshall to find out what we should expect in 2017.


What to expect from the cleaning industry in 2017


Michelle Marshall- Editor, European Cleaning Journal


Thanks you Cat. I’m reporting from the European Cleaning and Hygiene awards in Barcelona.


Because we’ve got so many industry leaders with us today we decided to ask a few of them what they’re focussing on for 2017 in the cleaning industry.


Dr. Ilham Kadri - President, Sealed Air Diversey Care

First of it is around sustainability.


Luc Bresseleers - CEO, BOMA

Where are the innovations? How can we introduce them in to the market?


Joaquim Borras Ferre - President, ISS Spain

Robots, robots…. They will come!


Dr. Ilham Kadri - President, Sealed Air Diversey Care

We try to do more with less but I mean, the trend will be more towards safe chemicals.


Luc Bresseleers - CEO, BOMA

Everybody’s talking about those interruptive players. People from other businesses coming in to our… “our”… cleaning business. So now we have also to look at them and see how they come in to the business and try to keep ahead of them.


Joaquim Borras Ferre - President, ISS Spain

With IT systems, with  big data and… we react to all these things and make service simpler, cheaper and better I would say.


We will  have so many sensors with temperature, filters of machinery.


Luc Bresseleers - CEO, BOMA

We have to see, ok, what does the customer prefer and how can we change our way of working?


Dr. Ilham Kadri - President, Sealed Air Diversey Care

With the digitalisation, robotisation of our businesses and industries we are keen to receive more smart data, relevant data. Which can help us to make quick decisions, right? Smart decisions, relevant decisions, on-time decisions and even predictive decisions rather than being reactive.


Michelle Marshall- Editor, European Cleaning Journal

Well that’s all from here in Barcelona at the European Cleaning and Hygiene Awards back to you Cat.



Well I am afraid that is all for the first episode of EC Television. Please get in touch though, using the details at the bottom of the screen, and let us know what you think we should cover in future episodes.


We’ll be back in January with a full series but in the meantime goodbye. 

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